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How to properly shampoo and care hair?

Everyone can shampoo and care hair in our daily life. How to correctly wash hair, and how to correctly care hair have become a very important issue. If we improperly care our hair, it will cause serious consequence such as hair loss.

First of all, it is best to choose the type of shampoo, such as, if you have a lot of dandruff, you’d better choice the shampoo with anti dandruff ingredient. If your hair is dry, you’d better choose moist type and had better not choose the kind of combo formula or multiple effects.

When you shampoo, you should wet hair at first, put shampoo on palm and add a little water in it. Rub your palm until it appears rich foam and then apply it to hair. If your hair is dirty or oil, you can wash your hair two times.

Girls with long hair should pay attention to that you should place shampoo on the root and then place a little to hair end when you wash your hair. Don’t try to wash the hair end too much shampoo so that hair end will not be so easy to dry or split-ends.

Clean your hair and end the shampoo.

Hair care:
Use a dry towel to dry the hair before shampoo and hair care. Only hair is not so wet, can hair conditioner play the effect of hair care. Hair conditioner paint on the middle of hair and hair end, and do not apply it to hair root. If you apply it to hair end, it easily cause hair oil. Don’t let hair conditioner on hair stay so long, or it may cause hair loss.