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The method of exercising chest muscle for girl

Girls can make your chest muscles stronger, and perfect through excise.

  1. Both feet cross and do push ups. Both feet cross and shank keep not moving. Prop up you with the strength of the knee and do push ups. This can exercise chest muscle and thigh muscles well.
  2. Do sit ups indoor. The method is that only use the power of the waist, and use hands around the neck to go up. As long as 45 degrees is OK, do not too close to knee to protect the head and neck.
  3. Lie and lift dumbbell. This can exercise the muscles on both sides of the chest and make girls more slim and chest muscle is much stronger.
  4. Lift a dumbbell on the ball. This practice can not only exercise the chest, but also reduce the pressure on their own. It also exercise arm muscles.
  5. With the help of push up apparatus. This apparatus can protect arm muscles well. When exercise chest muscles, you can also exercise the arm muscles and increase the strength of arm.
  6. Lie and do exercises. You can lie on the bed before you go to bed, with your hands close to bed and cross hind leg. Like a worm, make a movement. You can exercise the chest to let chest more strong.
  7. Choose your own fitness equipment. There are many sports fitness equipment and there are a lot of equipment to exercise chest. But be sure to choose the right equipment that suit for you, and don’t mess with fitness equipment, so as not to cause harm to yourself.